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My husband is a disabled man. He needs a lounge chair that will provide him with a high sitting position. So I bought two ashley recliners, one in the living room and one in the study. They look very sophisticated, and the ashley recliners color and temperament match my furniture. When I first started using it, the seat spring was a little stiff, and it was hard for my husband to push himself back and need my help. But as time went on, the spring became more and more flexible, and he could easily handle himself alone. It is worth mentioning that the ashley recliners assembly is very simple, even if I am a little women in their 50 s, also took only ten minutes to complete the assembly, so this is not a difficult thing for the others. So far, my husband has been using this ashley recliners for more than half a year. He says this chair is a great comfort to him, so I'm glad to buy this chair.

This ashley recliner chairs is very sturdy and durable, as other comments suggest. I've been buying this ashley recliner chairs for about two years now, and my family, including all my friends who come to my home, are very fond of sitting on this ashley recliner chairs. At first they thought it was just a seat, but they were pleasantly surprised when I lay down and showed them its function. My best friend was too fond of this ashley recliner chairs, so he bought a few at home. To sum up, this is a product worth purchasing.

My husband and I spent a couple of weeks looking for a suitable chairs for our new home, we in the amazon, Houzz many websites, including all the local furniture stores didn't see the cheap and suitable chair, until accidentally, we see the ACME recliners, finally bought it with a very reasonable price. Transportation speed faster than we had expected, assembly is very smooth and easy, we in the quality of the ACME recliners and felt very comfortable degree of satisfaction, so soon to buy again the second of the bedroom. They look very solid, the base is completely steel frame, so the product description says that the ACME recliners can withstand more than 300 pounds of weight without exaggeration. My husband and I love this ACME recliners and hope it will stay with us for a longer time.