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I just received this ACME recliner chairs and other furniture today, but I can't wait to give it a good credit. Brown is my favorite color and makes this ACME recliner chairs look more elegant and elegant. The seat and back of the chair are spacious and soft, which gives me a good cushioning and support. I like it very much. Just put it together and I lie in this ACME recliner chairs and take a nap. Now I'm planning to buy another one for my father, and I think he'll love this ACME recliner chairs.

I love this sears recliners. It was more beautiful and comfortable than I expected, and the fabric was not real leather, but it was also very smooth and soft. The seat, back of the chair and even the armrest are filled with very soft material, so sitting at the sears recliners will not feel stiff or painful. I have never thought that such a cheap price could buy such a comfortable sears recliners. My husband had just been released from the hospital, resting on the sears recliners every day, and he said it was as comfortable as sleeping in bed. This should be the best piece of furniture I've ever bought online.

I bought two sears recliner chairs for my new home last week. I didn't expect it to arrive this week. I thought it would be longer. The sears recliner chairs are divided into two parts for ease of packaging, but the assembly process is not complicated at all, probably no more than five minutes. The assembled chairs look even better than the images on the site, although the price is inexpensive, but the fabric feels really good. I put these two sears recliner chairs in the living room and the study, and they blend perfectly with my decorating style. If your home also needs an affordable and attractive chair, I would recommend the sears recliner chairs.