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This 3 position lift chair has large sports heavy duty electric lift and slanted chair back.
This 3 position lift chair is made of hardwood plywood and is very durable.
This 3 position lift chair has a balanced tilt mechanism, running smoothly, quiet and easy to operate.
Its surface covers heavy polyester knitted fabrics.
Combine emergency spare batteries in case of power failure.

The super sports 3 position lift chair is a large heavy lifting chair designed to help larger individuals who need help to stand. This 3 position lift chair can perfectly help you sit down or stand up. By pressing a button, the wall hugger power lift recliners will gently rise or recline. The motor provides a smooth transition from oblique to standing posture. The upper position is the three-position lifting chair - close, partially oblique, and fully oblique. The wall hugger power lift recliners features a comfortable seat with a combination of design and lounge chairs. The dynamic slanting allows you to automatically reverse to any position. In addition, there is a convenient side pocket on both sides of the wall hugger power lift recliners, which can store magazines, newspapers or remote controls. This wall hugger power lift recliners is very space-saving.
Main features:
A large, heavy lifting chair.
3 position.
Grade hard wood furniture.
Heavy steel lift mechanism payment.
The ergonomic button controls the wand.
Recliner integrated battery emergency backup.

Complete convenience and relaxation define the medical lift recliners. The waterfall's back has elastic foam padding to make your body feel comfortable enough. Composite fabrics provide a comfortable surface and easy to maintain. The heavy steel box springs are designed to add quality support.
The medical lift recliners are launched with a remote and easy to use. From the sitting posture, participating in the power improvement function helps to stand.
The additional features of the medical lift recliners include shelf - mounted weapons, side magazine pockets, and a soothing single thermal feature. The medical lift recliners' massage option has two Settings, a wave massage or a steady massage, activated by the remote control.