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This 2 person rocker recliner has a great addition to any living room.
The 2 person rocker recliner's surface is covered with a wick, made of plywood and fabric.

The 2 person rocker recliner is made with plywood and fabric made of corduroy. This 2 person rocker recliner has a warm beige or deep sage green. These low-key tones allow it to fit into the interior of most existing living rooms. The oversized swivel rocker recliner color diversity, not only it has a smooth lean organization. The oversized swivel rocker recliner is soft, comfortable and welcome. The oversized swivel rocker with texture of recliner cover is easy to clean and maintain. The oversized swivel rocker recliner watching TV is an ideal, relaxation or a place to take a nap. This home recliner chair switch is within the quick reach of the right handrail. On weekends, you are free to put your feet on it. If you're looking for a comfortable and lasting seat, this home recliner chair is a great option.

This home recliner chair features the following features:
Soft and comfortable.
Finished corduroy.
The mechanism of the deck chair of the glider.
The living room recliner is a variety of colors, made of plywood and easy-to-clean fabrics.
The product has many colors to choose from.
High density sponges (high toughness, high permeability) fill.
Double comfort: push-back bias design, adjustable footstool, wider armrest, curved shape, large size seat cushion, thicker lounge chair
Upgraded footrest: high - durable steel frame, foam pad thicker, better enjoyment of your favorite TV show or rest.
The cushioned seat and back are the most comfortable.
Double thick pads give your feet a better rest.
Wider curved arms add additional comfort.
Easy to adjust mode to meet your requirements.
It's easy to assemble.